Together we can make positive

changes in the right way

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Our Vision

We want greater transparency so that all parents and carers understand what services are available to them and how they can gain access. We want to significantly improve services for all SEND children and young adults no matter what the disability or additional need. We want to build strong connections with already well established family groups and networks so we can work together.

We know how important your views are and we will always treat them with respect and integrity. We will endeavour at all times to bring to the attention of the relevant service’s your views.

Our Goal

Find out how we work and disband the myths around how a parent carer forum should operate within the community.

What does it mean to be Independent?

It means that we have no bias to any service or department, We can speak freely about what is working and what is failing in our SEND community. We can act as a critical friend without prejudice to the local authority and various boards, as and when they make decisions. We can raise concerns and divert attention to how these decisions will directly impact our families, we can steer change realistically with high expectations and equality for all. We are included in the vote to agree or disagree with how services are to be created and amended. Our job is to be specific and realistic with the various departments we encounter. Our independence means that we can explain to our community what decisions have been made and why.