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I am a proud parent of 3 boys. Two of my sons have a diagnosis of autism and associated learning difficulties. I am very committed towards making a positive difference and delivering better outcomes for children with SEND across Southend On Sea. I believe that all children and families should be able to access the correct services they need and within a reasonable time frame. This is what I am driven to achieve.

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I have a daughter, who has an ASD diagnosis and attends mainstream school. I have attended multiple training and information sessions that have built my knowledge over time.I feel it is important to represent my child’s journey and experience wherever possible especially as I feel we a minority group even amongst SEND circles. Almost all advice and strategies I have come across are targeted toward boys and so never quite fits us and I want to change this in the future.



I have two children aged 7 and 4 years old and my eldest child has ADHD and sensory processing difficulties. Having a child diagnosed with SEND is not easy and I want to make the journey that SEND families in Southend go through smoother and simpler. I will do all that I can to try and help our families access the vital information and support they need.



I have a 19 year old son diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome. I have interests in law, psychology, architecture and also SEND. I am very passionate about trying to help people. I have been especially keen to help children and young adults with SEND. I believe together we can help children and young adults with SEND as well as help their parents and carers. I want to help support parents and carers of children and young adults with SEND and believe together we can be a strong voice. I would like to make a positive change in the area of SEND so that the lives of children and young adults with SEND can have better life. Together we are strong, together we can make positive change.

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Hi! I’m Jo a mum to a wonderful little PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) Autistic boy, who is also ADHD and has Global Development Delay. I am also a PDA Autistic with ADHD which helps as it gives me a first-person perspective on the strengths and struggles of PDAers and Autistics. I have been an advocate for both PDAers and Autistics for over a year, writing articles for magazines, Neuroclastic, and I have worked with many other great advocates in both the PDA and Autistic communities. In my role I intend to reach out to different services in the area (GPs, nurses, schools, emergency services, therapists, etc.) to offer training in how best to support, understand, and accept SEND children (up to the age of 25).  I will also be arranging affordable training for parents and carers in the future.

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I am a mother of two, I have dyslexia which was diagnosed as an adult. I have a child with autism.

I have experience in self harm and PTSD. I work in the care sector with adults. I have levels 1,2 and 3 in safeguarding. I'm a practising nurse and I am undertaking an early years teaching qualification.

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I am a mother to 3 daughters who are aged between 14 & 20. My youngest has a diagnosis of ASD & Dyspraxia. I am excited to be part of The Southend SEND Independent Forum, supporting the voice of our families in Southend. From my own experiences I can relate to how important it is to be listened to as a SEN parent and access assessment services within a reasonable time frame.

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I have a 6 year old daughter and a son who is 8. My son has very complex needs including Attachment Disorder and Trauma. It is imperative that we grow the voice of this forum to cover not only the most represented families but those that are in a minority. It has been a minefield trying to navigate the SEND system and understand what we can access and what support is available. I want to change this for all SEND families.

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