Our Vision


To build an inclusive, credible and evolving forum that provides parents and carers a vehicle to voice their opinions and influence the decisions that affect all SEND families in the future.

Our Goal

An inherent part of the decision making process across all relevant Southend services. To ensure we use all our available resources to gather a comprehensive and diverse cross section of views and experiences, so we can represent a wide range of SEND families in Southend with children from 0-25 years old. To continually gather common themes derived from all perspectives, that shape the direction and strategies of the forum in the future. Constantly striving for ways to grow our community of parents and carers and build our networks with already established groups to deliver the best outcome for all families involved.

Who are we?

We are a family friendly independent forum, made up of parents who have a broad spectrum of SEND children with a range of needs. Our own experiences make us passionate and committed to ensuring parents or carers of SEND children and young people 0-25, have an opportunity to be heard.

What We Do

We meet with the Local Authority at a strategic level and work in partnership with the NHS trust, Clinical Commissioning Group and Medical professionals. We speak on behalf of parents and carers across Southend and we hope to instigate discussions, shape agendas, influence important decisions and bring about as much change as is possible.